KIT: Revell 1/72 Hurricane I
KIT #: 04110
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Bill Michaels
NOTES: Old Revell kit from the 60's.


See one of the many full build reviews here on MM for the history of the Hurricane….


The kit is molded in light blue-gray, and consists of 20 parts.  The model has a few engraved panel lines, and lots of tiny rivets all over. Moldings are typical for an older kit, with seam lines and a little bit of flash.  I looked all though the parts- I could not find a copyright date molded anywhere.  I’ve heard from people here on MM that this kit is an old mold- from the late 1960s or early 1970s.

 The wing is molded in two pieces- top and bottom.  The bottom of the wing has four rectangular holes for the shell ejector ports.  The wing has several deep recessed panel lines, that are meant to represent some of the major lines on a metal wing Hurricane.  The surface of the wing is covered in very fine raised rivets, in a very rectangular pattern that has nothing to do with the aircraft’s lesser panel lines. 

 The fuselage has similar surface detail.  The metal portion of the forward fuselage had the deep recessed lines, and the surface is covered with the rows of very fine rivets.  The fabric and stringer effect on the rear fuselage is a little overdone, but not too bad. 

 There is no cockpit detail at all.  A single piece pilot and seat is all you get.  Problem is the pilot figure is the worst molded part in the kit- the two halves of the mold were poorly aligned, with a big mold seam and flash down the middle.  In addition, surface detail is poor.  The canopy is a little thick, as expected in an older kit, but at least it is well molded. 

 The kit includes two sets of landing gear doors- the model can be built with the gear extended or retracted.  Both sets of doors are quite thick.  There is no wheel well detail in the wing.

 There are two sets of decals included with the kit, both RAF.  One aircraft is in the black and white scheme on the underside, while the other has an all white underside.  No information about the unit or location is given. 


 I did a quick check against the 1/72 scale drawings in my Aerodata book on the Hurricane.  The wing is of the correct span, but the model’s chord is a little bit wider at the wingtip than on the drawings- 2-3mm or so.    The fuselage is the correct length, with what looked to be the correct profile.  However, the rudder and fin were a little undersized, compared to the drawings.  When placed on the drawing, the shape of the rudder is correct, but the lines on the drawing are 1.5-2mm or so beyond the part all the way around. 


 Recommended with reservations.  This would be a nice kit for a younger modeler- the parts count is few, and it sure looks like a Hurricane.   My experiences with Revell Germany’s decals have all been very good, and the decals in this kit look to be up to par.

 Also, the price is very reasonable- I paid $5.85 at a retail shop.   This is basically a 1970s or so style kit, but with better decals. 

  The serious modeler will be disappointed—I know I was.  I thought I was getting one of the new releases of the Revell Germany Hurricane, the one that I’d heard good things about—but this ain’t one of them!    The kit is apparently produced in Poland- there was a Poland sticker over the CE label on the box, and the “Made in Germany” label on one of the sprues had been partially obliterated, and now appears to read “Made in G*****y”.

 I’ll probably build mine “wheels up”, and use it as part of a Battle of Britain mobile to hand form the office ceiling.

 Review kit courtesy of my misguided attempt to get a kit for the upcoming Hurricane Group Build.


 Aerodata International No. 5, Hawker Hurricane I, by Phillip J.R. Moyes, copyright 1978, Vintage Aviation Publications, Oxford, England.

March 2005

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