Revell 1/72 Spitfire V




33.38 Kn in Croatia


Two aircraft


Marijo Malogorski




The most famous British aircraft of World War II combined excellent flying characteristics with an outstanding performance. The first production Spitfire were delivered in July 1938.

The Spitfire Mk V was a compromise between performance, flexibility of use and firepower. They began to arrive at front line units in March 1941. Two types of wing were adopted, a standard one ( known as the F wing ) and a clipped version ( the LF wing ) that had better performance at lower altitutes. The engines used were the Merlin 45 and 50 generating 1,440 and 1,490hp. Of the Mk V series, only 94 Mk Va`s were made, 3,923 Mk Vb`s were produced and 2,447 Mk Vc`s were produced. Model presented here is Mk Vb version with four machine guns and two 20mm cannons.



Well, I am impressed . First  are nicely etched panel lines,overall shape is very good  and the cockpit is OK!! ( if you look Revells 1/72 He-162 “without cockpit”, this is a huge step up). Canopy is clear but made in one section. 39 parts are included in the box with instruction sheet which contains two color schemes ( 1.Spitfire flown by P/O Axel A.Svendsen and 2.flown by S/L Jeff Northcott ) and decals. To finish this nice little model you need three colors: Light Green ( Revell 55 ), Bronze Green ( Revell 65 ) and Greyish Blue (Revell 79). 

These new kits from Germany are getting better and better and I just hope that this trend will continue.  Applause for Revell.  Nice model for a fair price.

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