As you can imagine, I look at a lot of photos over the course of putting together articles. The number one issue that I see with submitted images, even from people who you'd think would know better, is focus.

Wonderous as photo software might be, they can not fix poor focus. I have often wondered why people send these sorts of images to me and I firmly believe it all boils down to being lazy. Too lazy to look at what is being sent in, and too lazy to go back and correct it. It shouldn't be like that.

Digital photography provides us the ability to see our work moments after the image is taken. No longer do we have to wait for prints or slides to be processed to see the results.

So do us all (you, me, and readers) a big favor and take the few moments to look at what you are sending in.

Next time, I'll cover some of the fixes for poor focus photos, but I've learned that most people can only really digest one concept at a time, so that is it until next time.