IPMS Alexander Lippisch, Cedar Rapids, IA, 13 May, 2006

by Scott Van Aken

This was the second show put on by the 'Farting Fleas' of IPMS Alexander Pippisch. The event was held in a community center. Locating the event was painless as the instructions on their flyer were very well done. These folks don't have a web site so there was no way to get entry forms ahead of time. This made registration a bit prolonged as we'd taken several models. There were two sections to the form; the one with personal info stayed with the judges. Entry was $1 per model or 5 models for $4, a most enlightened fee and one that encourages bringing a lot.

For whatever the reason (Mother's Day the next day or the Regional in Toledo), both entries and vendors were not what they were last year. In fact, there were less than 100 entries, most of them from the local club. I found this puzzling as there are two large IPMS clubs in both Quad Cities and Des Moines. Some Quad Cities folks showed up but brought few models and the Des Moines people seemed to have skipped it completely. I'm puzzled by the lack of support, especially from Des Moines.

Regardless, the folks at Cedar Rapids are first rate and did not let things get them down. They are friendly, helpful, and great fun to be around. This is the main reason that I attend. Plus they put on a great raffle at a buck a ticket and 6 for $5. Good awards too, and I took home a bunch.

The judging is AMPS style where the model is judged on its own merits and not against others. The club had produced their own plaques and they were very nicely done with small brass plates containing the date and event.

Lots of places to eat in the general area and the club provided sodas and hot roast beef sandwiches for those who wanted to stay at the venue. There is also an excellent hobby shop in the area which was visited during the judging. The awards ceremony was conducted at 3 PM and we were out of there by 4.

Overall the event was a good one. I had a fun time and it was well worth the drive from St. Louis to attend. If I have a suggestion, then it would be for the group to establish a web site so that we can fill out registration forms ahead of time. The venue is appropriate to the size of the club and everything went on without a hitch. I highly encourage those of you within a few hours driving distance to attend next year's event. It may not be the biggest, but it is one that I think you'll find the most enjoyable.

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