USN/USMC Phantoms

Updated 6 March 2008

Hasegawa  F-4B with kit decals, VF-111 - Alex Sidharta
Fujimi  F-4J signed by Randy Cunningham, VF-96 - Clarence Wentzel
Hasegawa F-4J, VF-92 - Bob Briggs
Hasegawa  F-4B with CAM Decals, VF-102 - Mark Curley
Fujimi  F-4B with Microscale decals, VF-84 - Scott Van Aken
Hasegawa  F-4J with Superscale decals, VF-101 - Scott Van Aken
Monogram  F-4J w Fox One decals, VMFA-333 - Drew Ames
Fujimi F-4N w kit decals, VF-151 - Scott Van Aken
Fujimi F-4N w kit decals, VF-111 - Scott Van Aken
Hasegawa F-4J w kit decals, Blue Angels - Dan Hamilton
Monogram F-4J w Superscale decals, VMFA-312 - Scott Van Aken
Monogram F-4J w Superscale decals, VF-33 - Scott Van Aken
Fujimi F-4N with Superscale decals, VF-151 - Scott Van Aken
Hasegawa F-4J, VF-92 - Sebastien Graugnard
Fujimi F-4N, VF-161- Sebastien Graugnard
Fujimi F-4B with Superscale decals, VF-103 - Scott Van Aken
Fujimi F-4S, VF-301 with kit decals - Andreas Lang
Hasegawa F-4N, VF-41 with Superscale decals - Dan Parsons
Hasegawa F-4B, VF-51 with Superscale Decals - Richard Tucker
Monogram F-4J, VMFA-232 with Superscale Decals - Scott Van Aken
ESCI F-4J, VMFA-251 with Aeromaster Decals - Mark Curley
Monogram F-4J, VF-31 - Mario Serelle
Hasegawa F-4J, VF-84 w Yellowhammer decals - Andy Mullen
Hasegawa F-4J, VX-4 - Andy Mullen
Hasegawa F-4S, VX-4 - Andy Mullen
Hasegawa QF-4B, NMC w Superscale Decals - Jeff Wilson
Airfix VF-74 F-4B with kit decals - Fred Tulloch
Old Hasegawa VF-213 F-4G with Superscale decals - RW Royes
Hasegawa F-4B VMFA-323- J Mulder
Hasegawa F-4J Blue Angels- Oxiel Carillo  
Old Revell F-4J VMFA-451  NEW