Various Mossie bits in 1/48


Ultra cast




John Lester




UltraCast is a Canadian manufacturer of aircraft, armor, and military figure resin detail sets. I found this company while surfing through another model site.  Took a look, prices looked good and the reviews were positive, so I took the plunge and ordered seats, control surfaces and the crew access hatch detail sets for the 1/48 Tamiya Mosquito.  Ultracast promptly (like within hours) responded via email, telling me my order would be shipped the next day.  Can't beat that kind of communication ....

What arrived was rather impressive. Parts are molded in a light tan resin, similar to true details or CMK.  The detail and molding is every bit as good as those companies.  I found no casting flaws at all on any of the parts, and minimal flash. The door and the seats are chock full of detail, and a definite improvement over the kit parts.  There's even detail on the back of the seats!  Seat belts are molded on, something I rather like - looks more realistic to me than the kit-supplied decals, and I don't have to mess with tape, foil or other methods of replicating the 3-dimensional effect these provide.

I'm hooked.  UltraCast have a wide (and growing) line of resin accessories that is well worth checking out.  You can see and order all their products at their website: