Black Box 48-032 Cockpit Set


Monogram 1/48 EA-6B Prowler




Chris Ishmael


Kit and set both OOP


     The Black box line of resin cockpit sets have become almost a standard item for many modelers to use in their models, myself included. 

     This set is for the hard to find (at the time of this writing) Revell/Monogram 1/48th scale EA-6B kit.

      The instruction sheet is the typical b/w exploded view drawings, with several other drawings to highlight certain areas.  A listing of all the parts is printed at the top.  The instructions also contains a note to the modeler, informing him that a lot of trimming, sanding & test fitting will be required on the tub, which is par for almost any resin cockpit set.

          Due to the fact that this is a four place aircraft, the parts count for this set is higher than all the other Black Box sets Iíve viewed or own. The cockpit tub has the correct staggering of the front seats common to the entire A-6 family.  The 4 GRUEA-7ejection seats have 2 different seat belt positions, molded into them, so be sure to stagger them for best appearance. 

      The front & rear inst panels are highly detailed.  The ECMO-1ís panel (front right position) has the empty space where the cancelled ALQ-149 would have gone. I had the pleasure of chatting with a crewmember from the EA-6B community who is also a modeler, & owns the set.  He identified the set as an ICAP-1 cockpit, so this set should be accurate for an a/c from 1976 onwards.

      Several of the more delicate pieces (actuator rods, control sticks) have a protective rod molded on each end of the stub, offering a measure of protection to these pieces.

      I recommend this set as one of the two aftermarket items (the other being an exterior correction kit) that are available to build the most accurate Prowler in this scale.

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