Superscale 72-446: F-82F Twin Mustang

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Mark O. Williams


The F-82F (Model NA-149), a night-fighter version of the Twin Mustang used an APS-4 or APG-28 radar set installed in a large bulbous pod mounted underneath the central wing in such a way that it protruded beyond the forward edge of the propeller spinners. The starboard cockpit was modified to carry a radar operator's position. The armament consisted of six 0.50-inch machine guns mounted in the center wing just above the radar set. Also, F-82Fs and F-82Gs also featured marker and radar beacons, plus AN/APS-13 tail warning radar. Serial numbers for the F-model were 46-405/495.  The first P-82F flew on March 11, 1948. Surprisingly, the additional weight and aerodynamic drag caused by the large radar pod had only a slight degrading effect on performance.   Physically there was little difference in the F- or G-models

 This is an early Microscale (later Superscale) release of F-82 decals.  I found it at a Denver-area hobby shop almost three years ago and it caught my eye because of the 318th FIS decals.  Also included in this set Ė in case you missed them Ė are 52nd All-Weather Fighter Group decals!  Must have been the most colorful F-82 markings ever!  The instructions and drawings are very simple and no kit is recommended on this sheet.  (Or at all from the reviews Iíve read!) (The only one available in 1/72 is the Monogram version that can still be found without too much trouble, Ed)

 There are enough decals in this set to build both aircraft provided though from what Iíve read I donít think I have the patience!  The longer Iíve had these however the more the 52nd Group decals have grown on me.  Maybe Iíll see how I do on my 318th version.  For the most part register is okay except for the propeller decals.  The 318th aircraft is named ďCumulus WobdyĒ according to the decal (upper left on the sheet.)  Iíve searched but canít find photos of either to confirm this.  Note the difference in the buzz-number decals for each aircraft as well.  Since the F-82F was a night fighter both aircraft are painted overall flat black.  Stencils are minimal and very tiny but do seem complete for this scale.

 I decided to review this set because it proves that those OOP decals (and kits) really can be found out there.  One of my favorite pastimes is searching through those small and big hobby shops just to find stuff like this.  Now if I can work up the courage to build an F-82!

 Reviewed December 2002

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