Propagteam 48103 for Mig-15




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Rodrigo Santos de Oliveira



I bought this decal sheet to do something different from what Tamiya provided with itís nice 1:48 MiG 15.

First MiG is a plane from the Czechoslovak (now close your eyes and spell this!)  Air Force acrobatic team in 1954. Upper side is an orange red, called for FS 221990 by Propagteam, but I searched the web for this. It will be very hard to define this color. NMF downsides. The wings are half NMF half red, in a nice arrow motion.

Next is also a Czech MiG, from the "Ostravsky" Fighter-Bomber regiment. Overall NMF.

Then there is an Albanian Air Force MiG. The Albanian AF operated the MiG 15 up to 1992!

For those looking for some Israel opponent, here is an Egyptian Air Force MiG in 1956.

Last, is a"Far East" Soviet Air Force MiG (1955), painted in sand (FS 33448) and light blue (FS-35450).

I already tried this decals, I did the #1 MiG. The decals are VERY thin, very nice indeed. But they have too much carrier film, you might want to trim those. I applied Micro Sol, and the decals showed no reaction. Use something stronger.

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