Syhart Decals Mirage 2000N: EC2/4 'LaFayette'

100th Anniversary EC2/4


12/15 Euros  (1/72-1/48)

Reviewer: Jean-Paul POISSEROUX

The Mirage 2000N n°353 125-AM "100 Ans EC 2/4 La Fayette" 1916 – 2016 is the most colorful two-seaters fighter that was painted in France last year. The LA FAYETTE is one of prestigious squadron which born during the first world war in Europe.

The squadron emblems painted on the drifts are well known; one Indian and a stork. From 1916 to 2017 the aircrafts changed: Nieuport 17, Dewoitine 400, Curtiss -75, Curtiss P-40, P-47hunderbolt,Spitfire, De Havilland Vampire, F-84F,Mirage IIIE,MIRAGE 2000N. The Dassault Rafale B will replace the old Mirage for the nuclear deterrence.

The beautiful anniversary scheme is proposed by Sylvain Hautier in 72/48 scale decals. The notice is clear as usually. The quality of the decals is first rate. aside the 2 decals (Indians +the flag ) the adhesive vinyl masks are included to paint the delta win surfaces .the aircraft was almost painted in black, but the drifts area became “dark grey”. The notice locate the zone for the progressivity.

Editor's Note: This shows the major difference between US and European special schemes. Generally speaking, in Europe, they are painted to be more impressive in the air. In the US, it is on the ground.

One word : superb !


January 2018

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