Matterhorn Circle Decals MC32019: Hawker Hunter Mk.58/T Mk.68 1958-1994


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Jean-Paul Poisseroux


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Robert Schneider from MC-ONE continue to fill itís catalog decals on the ę Swissair-land Ľ jets. After the Mirage and the F-5 Tiger II aircrafts , he worked on the famous and elegant english jet. From to 1958 to 1994, the snowed montains where the landís exercices. 158 single aircrafts and 12 double seaters aircrafts were used.As the Northrop F-5/F Freedom Fighter Tiger II, the Hunter was a backborne in the 60 and 70ís years ;attack, patrol, aerobaticís team were the daily routine for the pilots. As usual the notices are clears, no problems to understand and choice the markings. Youíll find the Staffel 1,2,3,4,5,7,11,15,20,21.some specials drawings and paintings are included, the last Hunter Mk.58 and last TMk.68 carried Robin Hood and Friar Tuck. Very colorfull, the J-4007 is blue and yellow,the J-4015 is wintering camouflaged , the J-4053 is in ę tiger Ľ scheme. The national swiss patrol is not forgotten.The silver discs are included (better than the Revellís logos included in the kits). Youíll choice between 20 differents serials. Sharp and precision are first rate. The decals a very well printed by Fantasy Printshop,thin and good colors. The maintenance stencils are complete. This decal sheet will be setting on the old and excellent Revell kits. From the box for a single seat fighter, itís simple to do, for a two seaters fighter, the Fisherís models must be used.

This sheet is recommended for the Swiss jets modelerís fan.

Jean-Paul Poisseroux

August 2020


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