Fireball Modelworks FMD 04-72: UH-1 Slicks in Vietnam


Fireball Modelworks FMD 04-72: UH-1 Slicks in Vietnam

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 Brent Curtis


When I first started researching UH-1 Huey scale models, I visited a number of modeling forums. On one of them, I stumbled across a link to Fireball Modelworks. Intrigued by their decal and conversion set offerings for several helicopters—in multiple scales—I placed an order for the sheet I am reviewing today, intended for use on 1/72 UH-1D or UH-1H Huey helicopters.

 The decals arrived in a resealable bag, inside a cardboard-backed envelope. In short, they were well protected. Packed with the decals was a four-page (two glossy sheets, folded in half) markings and painting guide, which also included tips on applying these ALPS-printed decals.

 The sheet itself contains markings for six specific UH-1 Slicks from the Vietnam War. The guide dedicates a page apiece to each of the six helicopters, giving detailed information on decal placement and correct painting scheme. The painting information becomes especially important as a particular bird may not have a color-matched tailboom or doors. Or they may have a different color on the roof or different colors for the rotor tips. Specific kit recommendations are not listed, but all of the UH-1’s are either D or H variants, so kit searches should be conducted appropriately. Also noted on the back of the sheet is that all the Hueys on this sheet “were armed with the M-23 Armament System, which comprised an M-60 Machine gun and mount on both sides of the helicopter.”

 First on the sheet is the UH-1D 65-09621 “Dolphins” 174th Assault Helicopter Company (AHC), Late 1967. Next is the UH-1D 66-00747 “Annie Fannies” 1st Platoon, 117th AHC, Long Binh, Vietnam November 1968. Next, the UH-1H 67-17463 “Black Cats” 282nd AHC, Late 1968. Fourth up is the UH-1H 68-15297 “Stallions” 92nd AHC, 1971. Fifth on the sheet is UH-1D 64-13828 “Soc Trang Tigers” 121st AHC, 1967. And the last bird on the sheet is the “Nevada Gambler” UH-1H 67-16642 “Ghostriders” C Co 227th Aviation Bn., 1st Air Cav Div, October 1969.

 The sheet itself is beautifully printed on an ALPS printer. In addition to the six Hueys represented, the sheet has extra numbers and insignia that would prove very useful for building other Hueys from that time and place. Aftermarket decals and details for 1/72 Hueys are in short supply, so this decal set really gives the modeler a chance to do something beyond just what’s in the kit box. And with the extreme attention to accuracy and detail that this sheet and painting guide delivers, there’s a real opportunity to make something special here.

 Review copy courtesy of my wallet. This sheet, in four different scales, along with other decal and conversion offerings can be ordered directly from Fireball Modelworks at . (Be sure to tell them you saw the review in Modeling Madness. Ed).

Brent Curtis

April 2008

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