Eagle Cals #44  for the Me-262

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Tom Cleaver


  This decal sheet is issued as a companion to the book by Brett Green and Benjamin Evans on "Stormbird Colors," and presents four aircraft based on the profiles in that publication by Tom Tullis.

      Included are Me-262 "Yellow 17," operated by 3./JG 7, flown by Ltn. Hans Dorn; Me-262A-1a "Red 13", operated by III/EJG2, flown by Hainz Bar, who scored 12 kills in this aircraft; Me-262A-1a "Green 4," operated by Stab JG 7 and flown by Major Theodore Weissenberger; and Me-262A-2a "Black X," operated by I/KG 51, the airplane on display at the Australian War Memorial.

      As is usual with Eagle Cals, there is a very complete instruction sheet which includes photographs of the actual airplanes, detailed color side, upper and lower profiles for creating the correct camouflage pattern and markings placement, and a diagram for placement of all stenciling.

      The decals themselves are printed by Micro-Scale, and are thin and very well-printed in perfect register.

      Highly recommended.

     Decals courtesy Eagle Editions Ltd.

Please note that the sheet looks short as I often crop off common markings to save on server space. You really get a full size decal sheet. I should mention that there are full insignia (including swastikas) for all four aircraft and data for one. Fuselage bands are not provided and will have to be painted on. Editor.

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