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EagleCals EC-14R 'Doras of the Galland Circus'





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Tom Cleaver


1/48 Scale

There are no more colorfully-marked Luftwaffe fighters of the Second World War than the four Fw-190s flown by the Wurgerstaffel of Adolf Galland's JV-44 in April, 1945. The aircraft - one early and two late model Fw-190D-9s and the prototype of the Fw-190D-11 - were flown for airfield defense at Muenchen-Reim airfield, to protect the unit's Me-262 jet fighters when they were at their most vulnerable, during takeoff and landing. So far as is known, none of the aircraft scored against the U.S. fighter bombers that seemed to orbit the field from dawn to dusk.

The airplanes were painted red with uneven white stripes on their lower surfaces, as instant identification to the flak gunners on the airfield that they were on the same side. Additionally, from the slogans the pilots painted on the airplanes, the unit definitely had a collective sense of humor that was both dark and double-entendre.

These decals are beautifully designed by Tom Tullis, based on more-than-thorough research by well-known aviation artist Jerry Crandall, and printed by MicroScale. They are a joy to use.

For anyone considering building the ProModeler Fw-190D-11, or correcting either it or the Tamiya Fw-190D-9 with the Wurger Mechanic conversion set, these decals are so much better than those provided by the ProModeler kit that there is really no comparison.

Highly recommended.

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