Syhart Decals "Last Flight" BA103 Cambrai-Epinoy 2012


1/72 = 12,00EUR= 13.4 USD

1/48 = 15,00EUR =16.7 USD

1/144 = 9,00EUR = 10 USD


Various Mirage 2000 C




1 aircraft option

Mirage 2000C 103-YN "60 ans & dissolution EC 1/12 Cambresis"

In 2012, the northest French air base of Cambrai-Epinoy, first opened in 1952, was closed. Consequently the last famous squadron , the Cambresis tiger was withdrawn. The emblem of the town was 2 roaring eagles on a gold background.

All modellers known what black and gold are smart and deluxe on eyes. Ours talentous decals maker, Sylvain Hautier, aka Syhart produce the beautiful decal for this special scheme aircraft. .

The set includes emblems, figures, aircraft maintenance stencils…. The larges areas in gold must be painted by the builder. No panic ! the well designer include vinyl mask to help in this area. As usually the decals are first class quality. These markings are available in all three major scales.

One word : superb !



June 2015

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