KIT: Obscureco 1/72 F-100C Conversion
KIT #: OBS72-013
PRICE: $15.00 MSRP
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Fred Krause
NOTES: Resin. Designed for Italeri/ESCI kit


      I just love getting packages of modeling goodies in the mail, and today was no exception when a package from Obscureco arrived.  In the package were two Obscureco 1/72nd scale F-100C resin conversions. Each conversion contains five light gray cast resin parts,  plus brief instructions for the conversion.

     This conversion is designed to be used with the very nice ESCI or Italeri F-100D Super Sabre kit (they're the same kit). It lets you convert the D model "Hun" into the earlier C version. External modifications to the D from the C include: added inner wing flaps, larger vertical stabilizer, and a speed brake cut out to allow the carriage of weapons on a centerline pylon.  This conversion to backdate the D to a C includes a properly modified one piece wing that does not have the inner flap, does have the smaller vertical stabilizer, and does have a new speed brake without the weapons cut out.  In addition, the new wing features the leading edge slats in the drooped position, which is the way the normally were when the aircraft was on the ground. The ESCI/Italeri kits feature the slats in the up position.

     Since most of the parts are direct replacements for the kit parts, the instructions are pretty brief. The only tricky part of this conversion for a new modeler would be cutting the D tail off of the kit. Otherwise, its pretty straight forward. The resin is well cast, but there is a slight "eggshell" texture to the parts. Sanding with fine grade wet/dry sandpaper is in order here, especially if you plan on doing a bare metal Hun. One of my sets also has a little warpage on the wingtip, but this is nothing that running under hot water, and tweaking can't fix.  The only slight drawback I can see to this set is that there are no holes for weapons pylons. If you want to add them, you'll have to do so very carefully in order to get them in the right spot. There is a hole on the underside of the wing provided for the refueling probe. I haven't done any test fitting of parts yet, but eyeballing it reveals that there shouldn't be too many fit issues.

     Overall, I will definitely recommend this conversion for Hun fans everywhere! It fills a niche in any modelers Century Series collection that is otherwise not available. This conversion would be a good one for a newer modeler to try out, or for an old pro. F-100Cs flew in bare metal, and SEA schemes, along with a few very smart looking ADC Gray birds, so there are plently of painting options available. Decals might be more of a problem though, but good scrounging goes a long way ;0)  My thanks to Obscureco for not forgetting that people do actually model in 1/72nd scale!

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