Maestro Models Saab Sk37 Viggen

KIT #: K4820
PRICE: about $50.00 plus shipping from Sweden
REVIEWER: Andrew Garcia
NOTES: Resin conversion set with two vac canopies and Eduard p.e. set.


Maestro Models conversion set for the Saab Viggen is a simple conversion that provides a unique addition to your Viggen collection. It has a big visual impact on your model. It was produced with the ESCI/Airfix kit intended as the donor kit but looks like it would work for the much improved Viggen from Tarangus/Special Hobby if you must have this now using the newer Viggen kit. Note, it requires the JA 37 version with the extended tail. I had the extended tail left over from a Special Hobby AJ 37 as an extra left-over part from that kit and was able to recycle it onto an old ESCI donor kit. You will need a resin fuselage extension plug to improve accuracy but there are so many other issues with the old ESCI/Airfix Viggen that it is no longer cost effective to use all the resin bits required to fix that kit if 100% accuracy is your goal.  I had the donor kit in the stash and put it to good use in this conversion.

Some modification to the donor kit is required in that a section of fuselage behind the front seat must be removed and the second cockpit plug inserted and blended into the fuselage. As mentioned before you will have to use the correct ESCI/Airfix JA 37 kit (not the ESCI/Airfix AJ 37 version) for the extended tail or acquire a resin replacement tail or use the spare tail from a Special Hobby AJ 37 kit.

The kit is comprised of ten resin parts; a rear operator resin cockpit plug; two ejection seats; control stick; instructor pilot periscope and VHF antennas. Also included are an Eduard color etch fret for the cockpit interior (no ejection seat detail because the resin seat does not require any) , two sets of vac-form canopies, and Eduard kabuki cockpit masks. It is a straight-forward conversion.

A very nice illustrated instruction booklet is provided for the conversion. However, this conversion does not come with decals. Two seater Viggen decals can be found on Robert Bergwall Decals RBDS48010 SAAB Viggens available from his web site or Hannants. Robert is a modeler, artist and perfectionist. You will enjoy getting his decal sheet before it goes OOP and becomes an expensive, hard to find “classic” release. As an alternative the markings are simple and you should be able to put them together from some decal left-overs or spares. Maestro also provides a Viggen splinter scheme paint mask for the entire fuselage so keep that in mind as well.

A slightly different version of this resin set K4820E provides the bits needed for a JA 37 ECM version.

Maestro Models conversion is an outstanding set and while not low priced has a great deal of value-add to provide a unique variant. Highly recommended for any Viggen fan that simply has to have it. In my case it was a source for putting the ESCI/Airfix kit that I would not build to good use. I was told that Special Hobby will be producing a two-seat Viggen in the future but I have not seen any release dates. In the meantime this is your best option.


Andrew Garcia

February 2016


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