Airwaves 1/48 F-106B conversion


 AC 48-07






Fred Krause


For the Monogram kit

Here’s another one for fans (like myself) of the Century Series; Airwaves 1/48th F-106B conversion.

This conversion includes most of the pieces necessary to convert Monograms F-106A single seat interceptor into an F-106B two seat trainer. It includes a nicely done vacu-form canopy, a resin cockpit tub, ejector seat, and refueling hump for the spine, and a rear instrument panel, throttle quadrant, control yoke, missile bay rail assemblies, and radar scope, all cast in white metal.

The cockpit tub, and ejector seat appear to be clones of those included in the Monogram kit. I thought that the rear instrument panel was also a clone, but upon comparing it to photo’s in Kinzeys F-106 in Detail & Scale book, I discovered that it is indeed correct for a F-106B, and not just a copy of the front panel. It represents the later "tape style" instruments, as does the front panel in the Monogram kit.

The missile rails are correct for the B, as they were different than those on the A model. No radar scope support bracket is supplied, but a template for one is on the instruction sheet. About the only thing I could see that is absent, is the folding hood that covers the area behind the rear instrument panel. This piece folds upward when the canopy is open, and down when it is closed. It shouldn’t be too tough to fabricate your own, however.

The instruction sheet is one page, but information is printed on both sides, and is quite complete, and easy to follow. It also has a number of templates to aid in the conversion. My overall impressing of this conversion is that it is very good. The worst part about it is that it is nearly impossible to find. Two years of searching have yielded me just one conversion. If you’ve got one you want to sell, please email me.