Title: Les P-38 de la 33ième Escadre - n°16

Patrick Marchand, Isabelle Picard


Editions d’Along


18 EUROS (approx 24 $ USD )

Reviewer: Jean Paul Poisseroux


ISBN 2-914403-22-4



Format 18 X 25.5cm, soft cover, 64 pages, 130 pictures (with 45 in color), 14 drawings, 3D views from manual, 16 color profiles,upper/under ,scrap drawings, 2 sheets of 1/48 scale plans of F-5A, B, G versions. French text and pictures captions in English.

Here is a French publisher, not very well known worldwilde who offer nice monographies around French Air Force, in a serie called The wings of glory. This issue 16 deals with the famous P-38 used with the 33 escadre, the sole squadron that use the recon version of the fighter, during and after the WWII, including the famous writer Antoine de Saint Exupéry, (remember “Flight to Arras”), who lost his live on board on  31 july 1944, not far from Marseille. On the subject nothing, in any language had already been published, so it’s a welcome title for historians and modellers. As seen in the characteristics above, the infos aside the French text are made of historical pictures, a walkaround in color of the restored aircrafts with the usual parts (engines, gears), completed with 3D perspectives and drawings of the frames, wings, booms…of the amazing and graceful airplane. I notice the particular sketch with the lay out of the camera bay in front of the canopy, rarely seen clearly. The color profiles depict the different schemes beared , F-5A in dark green /dark brown, F5B in haze blue, NMF, and the after war F5-G in the same last color. (I ad that three guys replicas printed sometimes ago, a 1/48 sheet that cover theses patterns). The folded 2 1/48 plans sheets deals with the different noses and camera lay out for all the versions. In  final  some recent color pictures show the wreckage of one engine boom, that was analysed as a part of Saint Exupéry P-38 aircraft, (A bracelet with some words from his US publisher were recovered by a fisher in this area some years ago). This a good reference book for whom want to approach or discover the P-38 in French Air Force. Recommanded. JPP  

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