Le SA 330 PUMA

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Jean-Paul Poisseroux


335 pages, softcover, 8.2 x 11.6 inches
ISBN: 978-2-37468-027-9. French text.

Alouette, la gazelle,ecureuil, dauphin,cougar, lynx, puma…agility, speed, power, these are the qualities and characteristics essential for helicopters to succeed in their tasks. these names are french because these helicopters were designed in france. some have been developed with another nation (gazelle with england). The SA 330 PUMA (SA means South-Aviation) has been and still a backbone of the French army for a few years.The author flight in the l’ALAT (Aviation Légère de l’ArméeTerre (Army light aviation) on helicopters and aircrafts.

As he used this particular hélicopter, this first monography is very enthusiastic.here is the detail :chapters 1 to 3 titles are birth, development description.54 pages with 43 b/w and 11 color pictures. 3 sides drawings are included.the walkaround is very interested for modellers.

Chapter 4 titled in service on the ALAT.122 pages, 14 b/w and 268 color pictures, 4 profils.This is the most important chapter because the units use the helicopter on French territory and also on foreign theaters; in action or at rest, the atmosphere is very well perceived. Personally, with the Puma, I accompanied the special paratroopers at high altitude and the infantry soldiers over the roofs at night. Olive drab, white,desert and Otan dresses show the various missions completed. The images true the reality.Chapter 5 titled Air force and fly test center.42 pages,103 color pctures 4 profils.these components are not wellknown from foreigners. Air force units use the Puma to rescue the ejected pilots and other personns in difficulty.

Chapter 6 the Puma used in England.16 pages,34 color pictures 4 profiles.The Royal Air Force use very well this helicopter. These 3 chapters are very usefull for modellers to build the 1/72, 1/50,1/32 scale SA 330 puma kits (Airfix, Heller, revell…).chapter 7 titled Romanian helicopter.8 pages 18 color pictures, 4 profiles.personnaly i discover the helicopter’s using of this country.very interesting.

Chapter 8 titled other countries.62 pages, 129 color pictures, 4 profiles. The high performance and endurance of the helicopter contributed to the success. The surprising camouflages could interest the modellers and historians. Chapter 9 titled civilians helicopters,22 pages, 10 colors pictures.the high capacities also interest the civilian’s area. Offshore,firefighing….activities are well represented.

In summary, this study can be simply renamed « Bible ». text,layout,pictures, tables are well done. Lela presse edition’s trademark is always the same. this is another excellent addition to a line series The book is highly recommended.

Jean-Paul Poisseroux

July 2020

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