Zephyr's Normandie-Niemen in combat

AUTHOR: Alexandre Paringaux


PRICE: 50.00 Euros
REVIEWER: Jean-Paul Poisseroux
NOTES: ISBN 978-2-36118-253-3
95 pages, 9x12 inches, softbound, over 200 images.

During the summer’s months in 1940 after the armistice signed in France, many pilots joined England after the call of the general De Gaulle. The Free French Air Force was created. General Valin decided that the squadrons’s name will correspond to some regions. The GC (fighter group). III « Normandy » was chosen,

the history start but was rather particular…. 2017 is the famous squadron’s 75 th anniversary. The name is a bit different, so you’ll understand why with this album. 8 chapters divide the 95 pages. After the foreword,

chapter 1 - the Normandy’s birth (12 pages: 22 b / w photos), from A4 format to "thumbnails"(same layout on each chapters). The story is well illustrated.

Chapters 2,3,4 – Soviet union objectif, Ivanovo, the 3 compaigns( 24 pages,71 b/w photos). the squadron change its destination, the pilots were volunteers to fight over the russian fields against the germans force.The name of the russian’s river (« Niemen ») was added to the originally squadron name. The french pilots’ sacrifices are still and always honored. The Normandy-Niemen squadron created it’s légend !

Chapter5,6 – come back in France and the new adventures ( 45 pages, 41 b/w photos, 24 color photos). the squadron came back with their Yak-3 aircrafts (a gift) but the Mosquito, Kingcobra, Hellcat, P-47 were engaged on the french battles on far-east. The first jets Vampire and Vautour modernised the squadron and the Dassault Mirage F1 were used a longtime over Europe and on some desert’s operations.

Chapter 7 – 75’s years and always on the frontline (14 pages,53 color photos). The new aircraft called Rafale is displayed on this chapter. From ground to the air, you’ll discover the tecnological grace.

Chapter 8 – 1942-2017 (12 pages, 20 b/w photos, 26 in color photos).

You’ll find a parallel between 1942 and 2017 with some photos’s comparison. Spirits never change !

This historical album is a very good reference. Recommended.

Jean-Paul Poisseroux

June 2020

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