Mirage 2000N Escadron de chasse 2/4 LA FAYETTE


Alexandre Parigaux




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Jean-Paul Poisseroux


160 pages, 9 x 12 inches, softbound,350 pictures(111 b/w and 239 in color)
ISBN: 978-2-36118-211-3

The emblems of the Indian and the Stork still proudly displaying the rudders of the Mirage 2000 N. This famous squadron is one of the oldest that patrols above the clouds.

Created in 1916 on the French front, during the most terrible war that the man had ever known.

The Marquis de LA FAYETTE helped the United States of America in the 1770s. In 1916, this time it was the Americans who help the old continent. Mr. LA FAYETTE, here we are! The group of volunteer American pilots has just created the legend.

1916-2016 is a rather special birthday. This beautiful book is a tribute. The story is richly illustrated with vintage photos. 7 different chapters treat the subject.

Chapitre 1- from Nieuport to Rafale.(16 pages- 54 pictures ;48 b/w ;6 in color).

Nieuport and SPAD aircrafts where in the squadron in the first world war. From 1940 to 1943 in the Second World War, the Curtiss 75 and Curtiss P- 40 battled in the air. During 1943 to 1945, the Republic P-47 thunderbolt destroyed everywhere what he could found. The combat log was enormous: 1652 missions,15457 flight hours,103 air victories ,35 KIA pilots. During 1945 to 1948, the Indochina war, the British Spitfire patrolled and covered the French troops. From 1949 to now, the jets planes replaced the propellers on the tarmac airfields. The De Havilland Vampire, the F-84F thunderstreak were the first and last foreigner airplanes which equipped the famous squadron.

Chapter 2 Operation Tamara (6 pages-16 pictures, 8w/b, 8 in color).

The military independence after the Second World War was decided by the French president named General De Gaulle. The nuclear weapon was tested in the pacific atol Mururoa.

Chapters 3/4 from the P-47 to the Mirage III, from a Mirage to a new Mirage (4 pages-11 pictures,2 w/b,10 in color).

2 testimonies are interesting. In the first, Guillaume was the same name of 2 pilots who used the aircrafts in the squadron. The father piloted the P-47 in 1944, and the son piloted the Mirage IIIE in the 60s years.In the second testimony, one pilot talk about the transformation between the Mirage III E and the Mirage 2000N.

Chapter 5 A Franco-American heritage (6 pages- 29pictures in color).

A colossal monument was created in France to honored the sacrifice of the Americans pilots in the WWI. We find the report of the air meeting by the images, from the air to the ground.

Chapter 6 The Squadron today (70 pages- 161 pictures in color).

The before the last chapter is the first  spine  of the book.

Full color, action around the Mirage 2000N!! The marvelous shots in the air and on the ground help us to understand the daily task. We are near the men (and the women).

Chapter 7 A century of history (52 pages- 51 pictures b/w,29 pictures in color).

The chapter allows us to dive back into the passing of time. The planes that fought on all fronts are displayed thanks to larges wartimes pictures, from the Nieuport to the Spitfire.The jets are included, from the Vampire to the Mirage 2000N.

Once again, the n4 title about one of the famous air squadron is a good reference. Recommended.

Jean-Paul Poisseroux

December 2017

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