Encyclopedie Des Avions de Chasse Francais 1939-1942

AUTHOR: Christian-Jacques Ehrengardt

Caraktère presse & éditions

PRICE: 39.90 Euros
REVIEWER: Jean-Paul Poisseroux
NOTES: ISBN 9-782916-403151
171 pages, hardbound, 201photos,12 drawings, 53 color profils 8.25x11.5 inches,
French language.

A French group called « Caraktere press and edition» propose you a « Encyclopédia » book on the French fighters aircrafts used from 1939 to 1942. Mr Christian-Jacques Ehrengardt was a famous French author who also managed its « Aero-journal » two monthly magazine printed on 90’s years. This researcher accumulated its « data bank » specifically on the French three color roundels. Sadly passed away some months ago, historians and modellers could fear that his treasures would be buried forever.Today our prayers are satisfated. When you’ll read the contains, you’ll understand the importance research. 26 differents aircrafts are displayed. The history is detailed,from factory to the fighter units,the battle by days, victories,location…Aside the b/w pictures, you’ll use the color profils and the 4 sides drawing.

The following aircrsaft are covered:  Arsenal VG.30, Bleriot-Spad 510, Bloch MB. 151/152/155, Bloch MB.700, SNCAO CAO.200, Caudron C.714/760/770, Hawk 75, Dewoitine D.501/510, Dewoitine D.520, Hanriot NC-600, Koolhoven FK.58, Loire 210, Morane-Saulnier MS.406, Nieuport-Delage NiD.62, Potez 230, Potez 630/631, Potez 670/671, Roussel 30, and SNCASE SE-100.

Each entry has a goodly number of photos along with color profiles and most have four view drawings.

Of course the most used aircrafts wellknown where the Bloch,Dewoitine,Morane Saulnier et Curtiss. But the fighters « in the shadow's memory » are well displayed. Very usefull, the groups insigna are included at the the end of the book. The pages are very well printed, the colors and drawings are excellent. this book will find one space on your library.

Jean-Paul Poisseroux

November 2019

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