Camouflages & Marques De l'Aviation Francaise 1939-1945

AUTHOR: Christian-Jacques Ehrengardt

Caraktère presse & éditions

PRICE: 44.90 Euros
REVIEWER: Jean-Paul Poisseroux
NOTES: ISBN 9-782916-403182
pages, hardbound, 419photos, 92 color profils 8.25x11.5 inches,
French language.

The French group called « Caraktere press and edition» propose you a new title about the camouflages and markings used by the French « Armée de l’Air during the WWII. Mr Christian-Jacques Ehrengardt was a famous French author who also managed its « Aero-journal » two monthly magazine printed in 90’s years.This book is a compilation of some articles witch was printed in the 83 magazines on this thema.This researcher accumulated its « data bank » specifically on the French aviation.

The 5 first chapters cover the National markings,camouflages,insignia and traditions, tactical and service markings. Around 60% of pages printed, you’ll discover the French war activity thanks to its aviation industry .it’s simply, blue-white-red cocardes help to understand the period.

With 131 pages,254 pictures (6 color pictures included)and 58 profils display the first compaign.

The navy squadrons chapter is well covered. Of course, thinking of the battle on the air is automatic,but battle over the water is rather forgotten. 20 pages include 36 pictures and 10 profils on the thema.

Thanks to the allied support(USA and GB) the wind finally turned on the good side. The Free French Air Force and the French Air Force chapters are le last aera displayed.

This time the roundels were yellow-blue-white-red ! the last 56 pages are really exciting.133 pictures and 24 profils are included.

This is a real treasure for the historians and modellers. The pictures are very well printed.On the ground and in the air the shots are very sharps.The profils are first rate,shadows and volumes are perfects. The first « compaign » is interesting, but the « recover »and the second fight is very important to be discovered. A lot of listings (serials, codes,colors,bases,dates…) accompan the texts and pictures. 5 sheets present 140 squadrons emblems.

In my mind this book is a backborne , a heritage, a testimony on the past, in your hands, its the fruit of the work of an enthusiast who lasted half a century.

This « bible » will naturally find one space on your library.

Jean-Paul Poisseroux

December 2019



Review book courtesy of Caraktere édition  You can get yours at this link.

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