The following have been kind enough to send in products for review. Do yourself a favor, visit their websites, and pick up their products the next time you see them. You'll be glad you did.

When you purchase a product from one of the on-line businesses, tell them you saw there ad in Modeling Madness. It is what keeps this site going and free to you.

Let me know of any dead links. If you know the new URL or know that the company is no longer in business, please let me know.

The most recent addition(s)

Black Robin Resinz, maker of quality resin kits and conversions




Voyager Model offers superb detail sets, mostly in etched metal for a variety of armor kits and some aircraft.


Fineline for a selection of mesh and tubing in multiple sizes. They also do generic decals.

Flying Fish Models from Germany offers a wide array of accessories and tools for the modeler.

Jammydog Micro Masking Tape is the best around for the detail work you need. has a great selection of modeling tools you'll find very useful.

White Ensign's ColourCoat line of quality enamel paints for ships, aircraft and armor.


Hawkeye's Models provides you with SnJ paints in both enamels and a new acrylic line.

For a superb line of metallic paints, there is the new formula Alclad II offers a wide array of items from posters, to prints, to calendars, to t-shirts and more.

Need a resin carrier base or other place to put your newly completed beauty? Just Plane Stuff has a base for you. No website as of yet, but here is a link to a review and product info including an e-mail address.

Kingston Vacuum Works offers a full line of vacuforming tables for the hobbyist.

Plastech Plastic repair and replacement system.

For the ultimate in weathered finishes there is Rustall.

Without a doubt, the finest paint and decal stripper on the market is Strip-A-Kit. Here is a link to a review of this marvelous stuff. Strip-a-Kit. There is an e-mail link to the maker in the review.

Looking for something to keep your 1/48 B-29 on its nose wheel? Try Terry Dean's nose weights for this kit and a number of others. Well worth the cost.

For the best in paints, airbrushes and accessories, visit, importers of Italeri model products.


Milliscale photo quality tarmac sections. Please contact Miliscale at for more information and on ordering these superb airfield tarmac bases.


IPMS Duneland is a group in Northwestern Indiana that does a fine annual invitational show.

IPMS Canada is a group of fun-loving modelers whose main goal is to make model building a more interesting and enjoyable experience. You don't have to live in Canada to join!

IPMS Kalamazoo does an annual contest that is one of the best in the region.




Hobby Decal from Korea with outstanding dry transfer decals

Jasmine Model provides a superlative selection of quality decals


AirDoc provides an excellent selection of reference books and decals. You can order direct by e-mailing for more information. As yet, AirDoc does not have a web presence.

Data Decals is a new decal maker from Poland

Hi-Decal provides quality decals of more modern aircraft in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales. Visit them for a look at their complete line.

Max Decals   specialize in decals for both military and civil aircraft that have operated in Ireland. They have recently expanded their line and are worth a look

Model Alliance Decals  offers quality decals on interesting British  aviation subjects. Check them out.

Another new decal maker is OLUJ from Serbia at Tobruk@eunet.yu. They also offer 1/35 diorama accessories


Isradecals: for those who want the very best and most accurate IAF models.


Area 53 Decals - A new player in the decal market. Area 53 seems to be willing to fill in the gaps left by other decal makers.

Eagle Editions Ltd: these folks do it all; books, decals and aftermarket accessories. Visit them to see what they have to offer. You'll be glad that you did. concentrates of providing quality USMC related aircraft decals.

JBOT Decals  offers a wide variety of aircraft, auto and space items in addition to doing custom work.

Large Scale Planes  with a line of new decal sheets for the big scale plane enthusiast.

Leading Edge Decals is one of the premier decal makers in North America. They specialize in CAF aircraft and especially those wild special schemes that are so popular at air shows. offers not only great detail bits, but a super selection of USMC related decals.

Mike Grant Decals offers a selection of interesting subjects that the big boys won't touch. Check them out.

Skylancer Decals produces a fine line of decals, concentrating on US aircraft of the 50's in both 1/72 and 1/48.

Spada Decals provides some of the more unique markings around. Their new Laser Line offers subjects in all the major scales.

Starfighter Decals has what you want in terms of 1/144 and 1/72 decals for those more interesting subjects.

Two Bobs Aviation Decals  have come on strong with some superb decals and subjects.

White Dog Decals. These are only available by mail order. Please contact:  Don Fenton,11629 James Grant Dr.,El Paso, TX  79936.  You can e-mail Don at for more information

Yellow Wings Decals, committed to offering the highest quality decals for pre-war aircraft


FCM Decals, a Brazilian company that provides quality decals and a new way of applying them to your model.

Hobby Shops/Distributors---------------


Hobby Link Japan is your best hobby source for all things Japanese. From aircraft, to robots, to anime, to books, HLJ can get it to you first. is a hobby shop open in Hong Kong. Their prices are quite low and they promise fast and shipping. Check them out

Oriental Hobby offers a full line of kits and accessories at discount prices


EUROPE has a huge selection of quality kits, including a lot of very interesting resin products.

7th Kompany is an on-line store in Portugal which offers outstanding prices on a wide variety of modeling subjects, including WSW resin ship kits. offer an outstanding selection of card models for those who are willing to try something just a bit different. has an excellent selection of kits, decals and accessories at a discount price.

Want something really different? Try Scale Paper International for super paper plane models.

NORTH AMERICA is the North American importer for quality CMR resin kits.

RCS Distributors offers Sport Flyer and Quiet Flyer magazines for the R/C enthusiast and Model Car Racing for the 1/32 slot car fan. You can find these fine magazines at your newsstand or ask your hobby shop to order them for you. Shops can call 323-344-1200 for more info.

Cape Hobby and Gifts not only provides and wide range of kits and accessories, but also some great resin kits under their own banner. imports some of the finest brands including Dragon, Hasegawa, Fujimi and many others. Check them weekly for the latest updates. offers a full line of kits and accessories at discount prices

Marchet's Toys & Hobbies is a full range hobby shop in Lakeland, Florida.

Mister Kit USA offers their superb range of WWI colors and other goodies.

Aviation Models has a superb line of models for the collector.

Wings n Treads is a new on-line shop specializing in a variety of kits and accessories.

Nostalgic Plastic is the importer of the fine Anigrand line of 1/72 resin aircraft kits and a full service hobby shop to boot.

Design and Marketing Int'l is the US importer and distributor of Contact Resine and other fine French aftermarket detail parts. is a hobby shop that has a wide selection of kits for the hobbyist.

Model Deals is a  hobby store offering very good prices on quality modeling goods and display cases.

DMC Models. The US importer for a number of quality resin kits.

Classic Motorbooks provides a wide range of books for auto, aircraft, armor and ship enthusiasts.

Air Connection, your best place on the web for Eastern European books, kits and accessories.

Dinosaur Studios, Inc, importers of Warbirds Production quality resin conversion sets.

- Models is an on-line hobby shop that offers the best in new and older kits.

Roll Models: cool stuff at great prices. Roll models carries a wide variety of kits and accessories for the modeler. Check them out today.

Without a doubt, the finest hobby shop in the St. Louis area is CRM Hobbies. Stop by and visit when you are in town.

North American Hobbies offers a wide range of kits and supplies and very reasonable prices.

Pacific Coast Hobbies, Inc. Importers of fine Italian products, including FreMs, Mister Kit, Astrokit and others.

Flight Decs provides a full range of over 40 decal lines. Please take the time to check them out.

Squadron Mail-Order provides a full line of kits, magazines, paints and accessories. Take a few minutes to visit their web site.

Uncle Bill's Hobbies in Calgary, Alberta provides the modeler with a wide variety of kits, decals, and supplies. When in town, treat yourself and stop in for a visit.


Model Companies-----------


Anigrand Craftworks is the producer of 1/72 resin aircraft kits. They specialize in prototypes and have a large catalogue of interesting subjects.

Frog models still exists and they have so far done some Airfix 1/600 ships and Bandai 1/48 armor. Visit them at has a superb line of 1/144 kits as well as decals and detail sets for Japanese aircraft.


Black Robin Resinz, maker of quality resin kits and conversions

OZMODS, maker of  1/144 and 1/48 aircraft kits, 1/350,1/600 and 1/700 Australian ship kits and conversion sets for 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144  aircraft kits, all with an Australian or New Zealand flavor.


AIMS provides quality resin update and correction sets for the 1/72 Ju-88 and other aircraft.

Airmodel is the producer of fine resin kits of unusual subjects. Visit them at

Eduard is the Czech Republic's premier model company with a huge line of kits and aftermarket accessories.

Flying Fish Models provides superb resin accessories and their new line of kits.

Griffon Model Accessories  provides quality resin and etched accessories and detail sets for the discriminating modeler.

Marsh Models: a quality company that specializes in 1/43 racing cars and 1/32 sports/racing aircraft.

Mondo Ridotto provides a new line of resin update sets and accessories.

MPM Models, the makers of a wide variety of subjects for the enthusiast.

Olimp Models. A new company from Ukraine producing super 1/72 early aviation kits.

PJ Production of Belgium offers an excellent range of kits and accessories for the modeler.

Pavla models produces quality resin kits as well as resin and vacuformed detail sets and parts. Their 1/72 selection is quite extensive.

Roden; the maker of superb plastic model kits, including their new 1/48 Gloster Gladiator provides resin upgrade parts and tools for the aircraft modeler.

Scale Model Accessories, LTD, maker of a wide range of figures and accessories in white metal and resin.

Steelwork is a new company that produces quality 1/72 resin armor kits. You can find these kits at


Accurate Miniatures, the maker of top quality model kits.

Blap Models has some superb real space resin kits and the quality is outstanding.

Dream Master Creations is a maker of high quality resin figure subjects.

Looking for the unusual in kits? Fantastic Plastic offers some real goodies.

Masterpiece Models offers a couple of very interesting resin sci-fi kits. Stop by and visit them. You will like what you see.

Pend Oreille makes a number of quality resin kits of unusual and interesting aircraft subjects, including the only 1/35 WW2 aircraft kit on the market

Scale Aircraft Conversions has a superb line of cast metal landing gear for many of your big scale favorites.

Venters offers quality resin products and will do custom work as well.






AdHoc Publications. Publishers of the 'From the Cockpit' series of fine books.

AirDoc provides an excellent selection of reference books and decals. You can order direct by e-mailing for more information. As yet, AirDoc does not have a web presence.

AirSerbia provides a wide variety of materials of interest to the aviation enthusiast, including an excellent CD on the Antonov AN-2.

Kagero publishing provides a wide array of books and magazines for the enthusiast.

 Kari Stenman Publishing brings us all those great Finnish AF publications.

Kreativ Multimedia offers a superb CD-ROM that provides everything you ever wanted to know about the Mig-29 and is an excellent modeling resource.

Luftfahrtverlag-Start, Publishers of 'Luftwaffe im Focus' Magazine.

Mushroom Models Magazine offers a great enthusiast publication for modelers in addition to producing a number of interesting specials. These publications are available from Squadron  and Wise Owl in the US and from your local bookseller in the UK and Europe. If you cannot find them in your area, you can buy them directly from the publixher. Contact them directly or write to: Mushroom Model Publications, 36 Ver Road, Redbourne, Herts, AL3 7PE, UK.

Osprey books provide quality reference material for the modeler and enthusiast alike.


Aircraft Films offers the highest quality DVDs on various aviation subjects. These are the best I've ever seen.

Aviation in Miniature is a high quality magazine that has superb kit buildups by some of the best in the business. For more information, you can e-mail them at this link: Aviation in Miniature

DataView Books provides enthusiast materials on modern aircraft via the CD-ROM format.

Eagle Editions Ltd: these folks do it all; books, decals and aftermarket accessories. Visit them to see what they have to offer. You'll be glad that you did.

1st Books. The one stop source for both new authors and readers looking for excellent books.

Historica offers reprints of WWII Japanese and US Monographs as well as offers custom research into various military subjects.

Looking for an interesting Luftwaffe desk calendar or some equally cool aircraft prints? Visit Virgil O'Neil's 

MAI publishes the excellent 'Encyclopedia of Scale Models' for 1/72 scale kits. A superb resource for all who work in the scale. 

MotorBooks Inc. publishes its own superb books and also distributes Osprey in the US.

ProWeb produces a great CD-ROM on the history and preservation of the last B-36.

RMW Enterprises: Makers of full indexes for popular magazines on CD-ROM. Be sure to check out their Fine Scale Modeler Index. provides the real space enthusiast with exciting material on DVD.

Brian Silcox's book The Best of the Past. This book is offered with a $5 discount to Modeling Madness Readers.

Specialty Press offers a wide assortment of interesting historical and reference books for the model builder and casual reader alike.



Artist Srecko Bradic, who has done some great profiles for us in the years past, has a website at: Check it out when you get the time.

Aircraft Resource Center is a webzine that offers a super selection of real aircraft walkarounds and a great instruction sheet library. Stop by and say hi to Steve!!

Other Links

Rather than have you wade through a bunch of links on this page, I'm taking the lazy man's way out, and recommending Tony Matteliano's Modeling Links. There isn't a better modeling links site on the web.