It has come to that time of year when I need to get together financing for the coming year.  Many of you know that I'm retired military and I am financially unable to cover the costs myself. Advertising helps, but only covers a percentage of the thousands of dollars a year it takes to keep MM on-line. Last year you did a great job of providing the needed operating funds and I hope you can be equally as helpful this year. This is especially true as MM has had a decline in advertisers so the need is greater than before.

If you think of what you get from Modeling Madness and then put that against the $35 to over $100 a year annual cost of a modeling magazine, then you can see what a truly great resource Modeling Madness is for you.  Magazines cannot provide you the depth or number of articles that you get here; nor do they offer the instant archives for which Modeling Madness is famous. If every reader gave a few dollars a year, I'd have no trouble meeting expenses, but that really isn't going to happen.

This year's goal is $5,000. I'll keep a running total at the bottom of the page to show how things are progressing and will thank each and every one of you who contributes (unless you request otherwise), in the daily updates.

There are two ways to contribute. One is use a PayPal account by selecting the button below. If you use any other method for PayPal donations aside from the donate button, please select 'gift'.

 This will work well if you wish to donate via credit card.

The other is to send contributions by mail. This is the preferred way as I don't have to pay any PayPal fees with this method. The banks around here cannot process any donation that is not in US Dollars so please keep this in mind. The address for that is:
Scott Van Aken
10108 State Route 4
Lebanon, IL
62254    USA.

If sending a check, please make it out to Scott Van Aken or you'll confuse the heck out of my bank!

Allow me to thank all of you in advance as Modeling Madness is very much a product that is for you. You provide the encouragement, and help with the content.