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The winner of this contest is Bill Michaels' #2 Trojan Rabbit. Congratulations. Note that you will not be eligible to enter then next three contests. This is to give others a chance. Second was #17 and third was #9. Thanks to all of you for participating and for those who took a few moments to vote.

1. Eduard 1/48 'Mayfield Kestrel' as on Hercule Poirot’s  TV show (Incredible thief)

2. Trojan Rabbit from 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.

3. Fokker triplane from Great Waldo Pepper.

4. AMT 1/25 Dukes of Hazzard Charger

5. 1/12 Powerloader from Aliens II

6. Tamiya 1/35 M-41 from the TV Show 'Combat'.

7. Italeri 1/72 Wessex from the movie 'Full metal Jacket'

8. Spock

9. Andrea 54mm Beau Geste

10. Revell 1/144 F-14A Final Countdown

11. Hurricane Captains of the Clouds

12. Raquel Welch Fantastic Voyage

13. F-100C Skyjacked

14. Encore 1/72 Pfalz Blue Max

15. Heller MS.230 Blue Max

16. Revell A-1 Flight of the Intruder

17. Marx Flintstonemobile  Flintsones Movie

18. Revell DC-7C American Grafitti

19. B-25 Catch 22

20. Uboat Das Boot

21. Black Widow Ironman 2
22 Martha Dr Who
23. Dr. Who

24. Slimer Ghostbusters

25. Airfix Tardis Dr Who

26. Command chair Alien

27. Airfix Tiger Moth The English Patient