Monogram Mustang Contest

Mushroom Model Productions has graciously offered a one year subscription to Mushroom Models Magazine for the winner and a choice of any single back issue to the next two runners up. The winner is asked to write a short review of what was done for publication in Mushroom Models Magazine.

-----The fine folks at Apollodcal  are including a  package of goodies that includes a Tamiya 1/48 P-51D, Black Box cockpit set, Osprey book on F-51D units in Korea as well as a selection of Apollodcal decal sheets.

-----Bill Faulkner ( will be donating a set of his etched metal ProP BluR blades. These look perfect on a 1/48 P-51!

Here are the top 8

#3 Roger Jackson   
#30 Mike Miranda
#17 Mat Engstrom
#27 Michal Sourek
#9 Gil Hodges
#12 M.J. Kinney
#10 Bill Milligan
#29 Dr. Frank Spahr

There were 151 votes, with the winning entry taking 17% of the vote.
The second and third place entries took 14%.
Number rounded to the nearest per cent.
6 votes were tossed due to double voting

1. Scott Lasher's P-51D

2 Len Roberto's P-51D

3. Roger Jackson's P-51B

4. Wayne Hui's P-51D

5. Al Grimm's A-36 Conversion

6.George Crozier's P-51D

7. George Crozier's P-51B

8. Gil Hodges' P-51B

9.Gil Hodges' P-51D

10. Bill Milligan's P-51D

11. M.J. Kinney's P-51B

12. M.J. Kinney's P-51D

13. Mark Jacobs P-51D

14. Greg Wise's P-51D

15. Greg Wise's P-51B

16.David Garcia's P-51B

17. Mat Engstrom's P-51D

18. Al Grimm's P-51D

20 Richard Gonzales' P-51B

21 Richard Gonzales' P-51B

22. Matt Good's P-51D

23. Diane Krause's P-51D

24. Steve Mesner's P-51D

25. Steve Mesner's P-51B

26. Steve Mesner's P-51D

27. Michal Sourek's F-51D

28. Brian Knapp's P-51D

29 Dr. Frank Spahr's P-51D

30. Mike Miranda's P-51B

31. Mike Miranda's P-51D

32. Mike Miranda's P-51B

33. Mark Mirando's P-51B

34 Mark Mirando's P-51D

35. Mark Mirando's Mustang III

36. H Ufuk Aydiner's P-51D