Roll Models has offered to help sponsor this contest.

DaVeK Ventures has offered an award.

First place award goes to C-5 - Southern Cross by Mike Grant
Second pace award is for A-28 - Hadley Page Heracles by J-Marc Perreault

Though there are no awards past 1st and 2nd place, the next three were:

C-6 - Canadair CL-215
C-35 - Focke-Wulf F.19
A-10/A-38 (tie) - Douglas DC-8/Boeing 314

Thanks to you all for making this one of the more successful reader's contests.

C-1 Simoun

C-2 Cub

C-3 DH.88

C-4 Sep Glider

C-5 Southern Cross

C-6 CL.215

C-7 Antoinette

C-8 Fokker C.II

C-9 Luscombe

C-10 Eagle II

C-11 Spirit of St.Louis

C-12 RWD-5

C-13 Howard 'Pete'

C-14 Tachikawa 36

C-15 Bleriot

C-16 Northrop Gamma

C-17 Petit Prince

C-18 Coanda

C-19 Travel Air

C-20 Turbulent

C-21 Spirit of St.Louis

C-22 - Super Guppy

C-23 Lockheed Vega

C-24 Boeing 247

C-25 Slingsby T-67

C-26 C-46 cargo hauler

C-27 Lockheed Orion

C-28 Shorts Skyvan

C-29 Focke Wulf A.43

C-30 DH.88 Comet

C-31 Wedell-Williams

C-32 Gee Bee

C-33 DH.89 Dragon Rapide

C-34 Folkert Jupiter

C-35 Focke-Wulf F19

C-36 UT-2

C-37 A.300-600 Beluga

C-38 Eagle

C-39 Wright Flyer



A-2 Junkers F.13

A-3 B.737

A-4 CV.880

A-5 DC-3

A-6 Airbus A.320

A-7 Commando

A-8 Boeing 747

A-9 Let 410

A-10 Douglas DC-8

A-11 Vickers Viscount

A-12 Junkers 52

A-13 MD-80

A-14 Boeing 737-300F

A-15 Heinkel Blitz

A-16 Constellation

A-17 Douglas DC-6B

A-18 Boeing 747SP

A-19 Boeing 707-327

A-20 Vickers VC-10

A-21 Boeing 314

A-22 Boeing 377

A-23 DC-3

A-24 Boeing 727-200

A-25 Boeing 767-200

A-26 Dash-8

A-27 Boeing 737-300

A-28 Heracles

A-29 Boeing 737

A-30 Trident

A-31 Vanguard

A-32 Boeing 747

A-33 Boeing 727

A-34 Boeing 747

A-35 Boeing 747

A-36 Convair 880

A-37 DC-3

A-38 Boeing 314

A-39 Airbus A.321

A-40 Vanguard

A-41 Boeing 247

A-42 Boeing 777

A-43 Junkers 86

A-44 Convair 880

A-45 Boeing 747

A-46 Dash 8

A-47 Air America C-46

A-48 A.300-600 Beluga

A-49 DC-8

A-50 A.320?

A-51 Ju-52

A-52 MD-80

A-53 DC-3

A-54 Connie

A-55 Airbus A.300?